Lorenzo Berardi

Freelance Reporter

Warsaw, Poland

Lorenzo Berardi

Freelance journalist based in Warsaw, Poland.
All views are my own.

Contributor for Al Jazeera UK, V4 Revue, Visegrad Insight, New Eastern Europe, openDemocracy, Eastwest, pagina99, Lettera 43, pagina99, The Submarine, Q Code Magazine, PoloniCult, co-editor of Write the City.



Hungarian NGO considering lawsuits on behalf of asylum-seekers

With a recently approved new law, Hungary has taken yet another step to make the lives of asylum-seekers more difficult. However, a recent ruling by the European Court of Human Rights suggests it might have to take a step back.
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Polish Paramilitaries: Training to War in Times of Peace

On Poland recruiting 35,000 volunteers for a civil defense force that will patrol its Eastern border. Whilst the interest of Polish students and civilians for civil defense groups is growing, access to firearms nationwide may become easier than it currently is.
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Dong Improv in Warsaw? Yes, And

Since improv shows began cropping up in 2008, the Polish capital has become one of their hotspots in Europe.
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A Card for the Polish Diaspora

Karta Polaka is a card given to citizen of 15 countries who can prove their Polish roots.
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Poland debates ban on abortion

Poland has one of the strictest abortion legislations in Europe and now debates a total ban: why?
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The Family 500+: Poland’s new child benefit programme

Pros and cons of the child benefit programme launched by the Polish government.
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The Polish Aftermath: media legislation in the Visegrad Group

How Poland's new media law was perceived in the Czech Republic, Hungary, and Slovakia.
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The air we can't breathe

Krakow has the worst air quality in Europe. Why the Polish city is so polluted and how to tackle this?
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Euroradio: from Warsaw for Belarus

The story of a Belarusian 'non-State' radio station broadcasting from Poland.
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Coal in Poland: black gold or deadly master?

Poland is the first producer of coal in the EU. And yet, it imports more coal than it exports: why?
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Praga, la Varsavia dove il tempo si era fermato

Alla riscoperta di Praga, la Varsavia meno conosciuta sulla sponda orientale della Vistola.
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Varsavia Mon Amour

Le storie di otto italiani fra i tremila oggi residenti nella capitale polacca.
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Lorenzo Berardi

Hailing from Bologna, Italy, I started reporting, editing features and hosting information programmes for a local radio during my university studies.

In 2005 I moved to Norway where I co-hosted an English spoken programme on a college radio and covered the Norwegian parliamentary elections for the Italian radio Popolare Network.
Back to Italy, I worked in the busy newsrooms of a number of magazines dealing with economics, politics, healthcare, and tourism.

In 2008 I continued my journalism studies in the Netherlands where I reported for a local radio and worked on some reportages from Sweden.
Two years later, I moved to the UK becoming the correspondent for the Italian newspaper Lettera43 covering the London Riots and the Olympics.

From late 2014 onwards, I have been living in Poland, working as a freelance. Among the publications and media outlets I have been reporting for there are Al Jazeera, V4 Revue, New Eastern Europe, Visegrad Insight, openDemocracy, pagina99, and Lettera43.

I am a TESOL-certified English teacher, an Italian to English translator and proofreader as well as the co-editor of the literary magazine Write the City.